I wanted to make an audio for this but i think someone already did this oh well

n: can you hear that sound?

ravi: *snores*

n: I’ll go try to figure out what that sound is

ravi: *snores loudly*

n: ravi is sleeping

n: his snoring is amazing

ravi: *snores like hella loud like really*

n: today it’s june 17th

trans by withvixxsubs

i know this is hella hella old but oh well


I was watching this and idk this made me laugh help i keep uploading audio things make it stop


sorry not sorry (mostly because of my bad edits lol)


This is old and I edited this like a week ago and like—idk I just liked how it turned out ;;;


My first edit on photoshop… I’m sorry it sucks T_T I was just experimenting ;-;

here’s chen


uh if you couldn’t tell, he’s made out of his name (jongdae) so uh. yeah.

oh also the other words are the lyrics from angel ._.

Because time stops for someone who can’t remember and runs from someone who can’t miss the last train home. (Anterograde Tomorrow by Changdictator)


Holy Macaroon! (by Ame Otoko)